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Location: 257 Back Lake Rd Pittsburg, NH
Telephone: (603) 538-6358

Monday -8:00am -4:00pm
Tuesday -Closed
Wednesday -Closed
Thursday -12:00 noon -6:00 pm
Friday -Closed
Saturday -8:00am -12:00 noon

ATTENDANTS:   Robert Blanchard, George Ellis, Eddie Evarts, Dick Baribeau, and Robert Weaver

The transfer station began operation on October 15, 1991 and is open to property owners in the towns of Pittsburg and Clarksville. A transfer station permit (decal) is required and can be obtained at the Pittsburg Selectmen’s Office or at the transfer station, a nominal fee of $1.00 per decal applies. Recycling is mandatory and all refuse must be sorted and placed in specific areas at the transfer station.


Cans -All steel and aluminum cans used for food or beverages.
Note: Aerosol cans are to be placed in container outside of bin.

Plastics -All plastics such as soda bottles, milk, juice, detergent, and shampoo containers; Note: motor oil, dry-gas, anti-freeze, or plastic dishes are not recyclable items.

Glass -All glass products are recyclable; Note: Florescent light bulbs are not to be thrown in the recycling bin. Ask attendant for proper disposal.

All of the above items should be rinsed clean with covers removed.


Cardboard -All corrugated cardboard (flattened)

Newspapers -Must be bundled or bagged separately

Magazines, Catalogs, & Telephone Books -Bundled or bagged separately

Vehicle Batteries & Used Oil -See attendant for proper disposal location

TV’s, Computers, Printers -See attendant for proper disposal location


The Town is authorized to operate a municipal burn site for the open burning of brush with attached leaves, and untreated wood generated from construction or demolition of a building, provided the material originated in the Town. Only the following items may be bumed at the bum site:

Brush” -defined to mean tree tops, limbs, saplings, and tree cuttings (to include attached leaves) which are five inches in diameter or less

Untreated Wood” -defined to mean any timber, board, or sawn dimensional lumber which has not been painted, treated, coated, or preserved. This does not include material such as plywood or waferboard. Nothing shall be larger than 5 feet in length and no diameter over 5 inches. 

METAL CONTAINER: All metal items-if it is questionable, please ask the attendant


Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners: A $10.00 fee for disposal of these items.

Tires: The disposal fee for tires is: Cars, Pickup & Light Trucks up to 17″: $5.00 ea.; Commercial Trucks up to 24″: $8.00 ea.; Heavy Equipment (Skidders, Loaders, Backhoes & Tractors) over 24″ –$40.00 ea.. All rims must be removed.

Construction Debris: There is a fee of $25.00 per cubic yard for dumping shingles, sheetrock, insulation, and any construction debris that cannot be burned. Nothing shall be larger than 3 feet x 3 feet. 

Televisions, Computer Monitors, & Printers: The fee for Large Televisions is $20.00, Mid to Small Televisions, Monitors, and Printers -$10.00, Computers and CPUs $5.00.

Florescent Light Bulbs: The fee for up to 4′ light bulbs is 50 cents each, and all longer bulbs are $1.00.

TRASH COMPACTOR: Accepts all other everyday household trash. If you are in doubt as to what to throw in the compactor, please ask the attendant on duty!!!