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Town Park

Several years back students from the Pittsburg High School completed a project on improving the Town Park, some of thier thoughts and recommendations are being used today.  The Pittsburg Economic Development Committee started the foundation of the Town Park improvement project.  The IMAGE Committee was concerned Veterans and visitors with disabilities could not access the park.  The committee has spent a large amount of time planning a design for the park which is to include leaving the current character and features with relocation of monuments, flags and adding a walkway, benches, fountain and gazebo.


The Town has been awarded a grant in the amount of $14,607 from the Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation for the purpose of constructing a gazebo.  The remainder of the project will be funded by additional grants and generous individual donations.  The committee has decided to sell engraved bricks and benches to help offset the costs of completing the park.


The plans for the park are broken into 4 phases.

Phase one includes filling a portion of swale, running power to the gazebo location and building the gazebo.

Phase two includes improvement of parking, laying the walkway, fountain and relocation of monuments.

Phase three includes adding a 4th flag pole, rebuilding the information center and improving the plantings.

Phase four includes a new roof on the snow roller and canon and planters by memorials and benches.


The Town Park is the center of activity during our Old Home Day festivities each year as well as our weekly Farmer’s Market during the summer.  In the near future you will be able to contribute to the Town Park Fund through the website.  Currently you can pick up a Brick Order Form at the Town Office or print one from the website and mail it to the Town. townparkfundraiser.pdf


“The re-painting of the Pittsburg sign in the Town Park is my gift to the town and the park.  Hopefully this is a small step, culminating in a wonderful park with a beautiful gazebo.  A project we can all be involved with and a reason to make us all proud of our little town, Pittsburg.” -Bill Brown


a poem ‘Our little Town’

I like to pine in our little town where the trees meet across the street,

where you wave your hand and say “hello”to everyone you meet

I like to stand for a moment outside the grocery store

and listen to the friendly gossip of the folks that line next door

for life is interwoven with the friends we learn to know.

and we hear their joys and sorrows as we daily come and go.

So I like to pine in our little town, I care no more to roam.

For every house in our little town is more than a house, it’s home

author- unknown