Customs and Border Protection

Hours Of Operation: The Canadian Port of Entry is open from 8:00 am to Midnight for people traveling to Canada. The United States Port of Entry is open 8:00 am to Midnight, 7 days a week, for people coming from Canada.

The answers to many questions, such as What I can and can’t bring across the border? What forms of ID are needed to cross the border? can be found on the Customs & Border Website. Because this information is constantly changing it is best to check their website regularly.
Getting a passport? Are you a U.S. Citizen planning a trip that will take you outside the United States? Travel document requirements are changing! Find out what documents are required and how to get them. You will need passport or a passcard to enter Canada. Here is a site to find out more about getting a passport.
Here are a few things to keep in mind:

If you come to the border to hike the Forth Connecticut Trail (or for any other purpose) and you see an officer at the Port of Entry inspecting a vehicle and they are talking with someone in the vehicle, please don’t try to start a conversation with the officer. Please wait at a distance until you are acknowledged by the officer.

If you are hiking and do pass over into Canada during your hike please report for inspection at the Customs & Border Protection office on your way out.
Entry into Canada and returning to the United States without immediately reporting for inspection (19 USC -1433) can result in a significant penalty.
Please use a bathroom somewhere besides the border as there is no public restroom at this facility.

Dogs require a valid Dog license and rabies vaccination paperwork to pass through the border.

When transporting your children or other children into Canada please have the Birth Certificate available, as officers may ask to see it, and it will be needed for returning to the United States.