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Dog Licences & Leash Law

Dog Licenses:

New Hampshire RSA 466:1 requires that the owner or keeper of the dog who is 4 months old or over shall annually, cause it to be registered, licensed, numbered, described for one year in the office of the Town Clerk where you live. It will wear a collar with a metal tag with the following information on it. The name of the city, year of issue of the license and itís registered number. The tag shall be issued by the Town Clerk at the expense of the town. Regardless of when the license was obtained, the license will be valid from May 1 of each year till April 30 of the subsequent year. The Town Clerk shall impose a late fee for dogs not licensed by May 1. In addition the town may charge a $25.00 penalty to the owner of each unlicensed dog. If they fail to pay this they may be issued a summons for the District Court

Pittsburg Leash Law:

Pittsburg has a leash law which states that when your dog leaves your property it must be under your control. This means that you will be responsible if your dog is not on your property and it causes damage or injury. In addition to the town leash law there is a state law that requires that your dogs not be allowed to run wild in areas inhabited by wildlife and birds unless under your control.