Permits & Licenses

Building Permits:

Building Notification – this application is to notify the town of any new buildings or additions. All property owner’s who plan any new construction, additions, or upgrades are required to obtain a “Building Notification (Permit) at the Town Office during normal business hours at no cost. Those found not to be in compliance with this notificationOld Dog License for Pittsburg NH requirement are subject to a penalty of $50.00.

Building Permit PDF Building Permit

Transfer Station Permits The fee is $1.00 for Pittsburg and Clarksville residents and can be obtained from the Town Clerk at the Town Office or at the Transfer Station during normal business hours.

Marriage License: $45.00

Dog Licenses:
Dog Licenses should all be purchased before April 30th
Must have proof of your dogs Rabies Innoc. Exp..Date
Dog License for the Town of Pittsburg 1910Male $ 9.00
Female $ 9.00
Neutered Male $ 6.50
Spayed Female $ 6.50
Puppies (3-7months) $ 6.50

Over 65? Dog licenses $2.00 for the first dog, regular prices apply thereafter.