Motor Vechicle Registration


Tuesday 9am-2pm
Wednesday 9am-2pm
Thursday 1pm-6pm
Friday 8am-12pm
Last Saturday of each month 8am-12pm

Please call the Town Clerk @ (603) 538-6699 with any questions pertaining to vehicle registrations

All auto registration renewals are due during the month of your birthdate.
Lease Renewals are due during the designated month for each leasing company.
Early Renewals are for residents that will not be in town during their renewal month; these renewals can be done three months prior to the actual renewal date. With prior approval from the Town Clerk and proper instruction, these can also be done through the mail.

In order to renew a vehicle registration you must have a copy pf the previous registration. Failure to present a copy of the registration will result in non-registration. RSA 261:148

New Registrations:
All new registrations for vehicles 15 years old and newer must have prior title or CTA (Blue Paper) from a licensed dealer or private seller.

New Registrations for vehicles older than 15 years must have one of the following:
Bill of Sale with correct VIN number.
VIN Verification
Old Registration

The Town Clerk reserves the right to request a VIN verification to be done prior to registration.

Auto transfers can be done in the town clerk’s office as long as the owners stay the same. If the owners change, then the town portion must be done in Pittsburg and the state portion must be done at a sub-station (Twin Mountain, Berlin and Concord). Transfers are only for the remaining month remaining until renewal.

Apportion New and Renewals: Are to have the town portions done here and the state portion done at a sub station (Twin Mountain, Berlin and Concord).

Vanity Plates: Can be purchased at the town office. (No vulgar or obscene words are allowed). The town clerk reserves the right to have an explanation of what all vanity requests mean.

Tractor Plates: All residents requesting tractor plates must sign a form stating the tractor is being used for Farm related purposes.