Town of Pittsburg NH

North Country Endurance Race

The North Country Endurance Race is a multi-sport mountain race for the wilderness lover in all of us! 

The course includes:

  • Kayaking the crystal clear headwaters of the Connecticut River
  • Running to mountain summits and along narrow woodland trails known more to moose than man
  • Mountain biking secret singletrack routes and staggering mountain passes, including the screaming downhills as your reward

This September race is held annually in Pittsburg and the surrounding mountain terrain and feature two courses to choose from. Register today!

Watch the Race Video on YouTube

North Country Endurance Challenge "Premiere Course" - Open to relay teams or hearty solo athletes, a 70 mile course divided into 9 different legs of mountain biking, trail running, and paddling. 2 staggering mountain summits, 2 pristine lakes, 1 mountain pass, 3 State Parks, and very little pavement make-up this unprecendented wilderness tour of the region. 11-12 hour total time. More info...

North Country Endurance Challenge "Sprint Course" - Open to relay teams or solo athletes, a 30 mile course combining 2 legs of trail running with 2 legs of mountain biking (4 legs in total for the Sprint Course). Perfect for those who want a shorter race experience that shares some of the fun and natural beauty of the Premiere Course. 5-6 hour total time More info...