Town of Pittsburg NH

Tall Tales

A Look at Yesteryear in Pittsburg NH
Excerpts from "Town Clerk and Personal Records 1906-1920 by
Sylvester Lyford"

November 24, 1906 Billy Huggins had a fight with Albion Aldrich, he gave him a licking.
December 29, 1906 Bill Chapple Paid his taxes .41 cents
January 17, 1907 -50 degrees at Farnhams. -55 degrees in Colebrook
February 23, 1907 Sold 5# sugar for .30 cents, 4# salt pork for .40 cents
April 3, 1907 Henry Terrill got drunk on rum at Bessie Heath’s.
April 5, 1907 Whit Terrill sobered up.
April 6, 1907 Henry Terrill sobered up.
April 25, 1907 Started log drive on Indian Stream
May 11, 1907 Sold cow to H. Cross for $40.00
July 30, 1907 Sent by stage, full bottle if gin- $1.25, 10 cents for stage
August 22, 1907 Johnnie, & Jamie Gradie was up to lawn party with E. Washburn and Laura Wheeler, stayed out until 12 o’clock. Lizzie Wheeler was some mad.
October 25, 1907 Jack, the tramp, was killed by some dirty sneak.
January 26, 1910 Saw the comet with the long tail.
July 14, 1910 Dr. WW Kerr run over Pat Gray with his auto. He dragged Gray 72 feet before stopping. Pat had been taking something.
September 3, 1910 James Bacon took Lucy Towle down to the county to serve 60 days for selling liquor.
October 12, 1910 Ned Towle was drunk last night and George Hilliard ran over him with a 4 horse team. Hurt him quite bad.
June 30, 1912 Hard frost killed the potatoes.
December 29, 1912 Bought a deer from Frank Baldwin for $3.00
February 6, 1914 Albert Coats built his fire at 4 am was dead at 5 am.
March 23, 1914 Maggie Browns horse ran away and jumped in the river by Scott Lords.
July 26, 1914 Fred Brown wanted me to go to the town office to let him see the letter his wife wrote to Fred Chapple.
August 4, 1914 Fred Brown killed his wife with a flatiron at Kidderville.
December 15, 1917 Electric lights started today.