Town of Pittsburg NH

Aurora Grange

The Aurora Grange #235 in Pittsburg received its charter in the mid-1800s. The Grange, or Patrons of Husbandry, was organized after the Civil War during the Reconstruction period.  Over the course of its history, the Grange has addressed many issues pertinent to farming and life in rural areas.  Grangers have been instrumental in resolving issues such as rural electrification, RFD mail service to outlying areas, and even the formation of the state police in NH.  Currently, Grangers are fighting for high-speed internet access in remote areas and have been active in the fight against the Northern Pass.


Aurora Grange here in Pittsburg is an active service organization which meets the first Wednesday of every month in the Grange Hall on Dalton Road. 

Our service projects include:


- Dictionaries for every third grader in Pittsburg School and Stewartstown Community School

- Pennies for Abused Children

     We collect spare change and donate it to organizations with intervention programs for abused children in NH.

- Postage Stamp Collection

     Cancelled postage stamps are collected and sent to the program that sells them and uses the proceeds to buy Sunday School materials for children in Third World countries.

- Food Collection

     We collect nonperishable food items on a quarterly basis for our local food bank, PACS.

- Warm Hats and Mittens

     We collect these items for our local school children to wear during the cold winter months.    



Monthly programs vary and include things such as:


- A summer picnic with other local Granges

- Community Service Awards

     This award honors a non-Grange community person or group for service to our community.

- Youth Night

     Local youth, such as Key Club members, attend our meeting once a year and tell us about things that they are doing in the community.

- Deaf Awareness Program

     We learn more about how to protect our hearing or how to deal with hearing loss.

- Cooking Contest

     This happens between local Grangers and the winner takes their selection up to the Pomona level for further competition.

- Thanksgiving Dinner

     Joint Thanksgiving dinner with Aurora Grange and the Pittsburg Historical Society.


We are always looking for new members who are interested in making a contribution to their community.  Both men and women participate in this organization.  If you are at least 13 1/2 and are interested in joining, call Master, Lindsey R. Gray (538-6608) or Membership Chairman, Roy Amey (538-7767).