Grouse - Also known as ‘partridge’: The North Woods of New Hampshire provide some of the best grouse cover is New England. Our terrain is mountainous but has river bottom, areas of various staging of growth after logging, and numerous logging roads. Mountain ash, high bush cranberry, fern, raspberry, chokecherry and partridge berry are some of this area's prefered grouse foods. Look for areas with these food sources, a water supply, and protection from predators such as dense fir trees, and you will find grouse in the north woods.

Woodcock - The Northwoods are an excellent place to hunt resident and migratory woodcock. The ground dwelling bird makes its home on soft earth where it can probe the ground for earthworms. Best choices for woodcock cover include alder swamps, along woodside freshets and ponds or young, regenerating forests. Woodcock are a strong smelling bird ideal to hunt with dogs. Our season generally begins at or near the beginning of October and runs for most of the month.

Pheasant - Pheasant hunting has a long and rich history in New Hampshire - the first pheasants were stocked here over a hundred years ago. Today the time-honored tradition of pheasant hunting is possible in the state only because private landowners continue to allow hunters access to their land. There are two pheasant stocking sites in our area.

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